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  • How Do I get my Real Estate ad to appear on the front page of somd.com?
    I see that you list some Real Estate ads on the front page of somd.com.  How do I get my ad to show up there?We currently display several Real Estate and Real Estate Rental ads on our front page.  This is an unadvertised bonus for our classifieds users and we do not promise or guarantee that your...
    4.00 - 10/26/2015 - Similar Articles
  • How do I know if I have to pay for an Ad in the Classifieds?
    I am confused about whether or not I have to pay when placing an Ad in the somd.com Classifieds.  Would you provide some clarification of the rules? Some sections require an insertion fee for any ad, e.g. Real Estate, Real Estate Rentals, Employment, Child Care, and Service Directory. You will not...
    3.50 - 09/20/2015 - Similar Articles
  • How To Get Stated Posting Classified Ads
    Thank you for inquiring about how to post a classified ad on somd.com.  The somd.com classifieds are completely self-service.  This allows you the flexibility to place your ad how and when you like it, 7x24x365.  You also have the ability to make changes to your ad on-line if required and remove...
    3.00 - 05/21/2016 - Similar Articles
  • Important Bulletin about Internet SCAMS!
    Sadly, there are scammers who target advertisers in on-line classifieds.  Even more sad is the fact that there are people who fall for the scams despite all of the warnings.One common type of scam typically boils down to them sending you a bogus check or money order for more than the purchase...
    3.83 - 07/15/2015 - Similar Articles
  • Please read our basic rules of Etiquette when using the classifieds
    As with any social gathering, there are some basic rules of Etiquette that will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. 1. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE YOUR ADS IN UPPER CASE TEXT.  This is the Internet equivalent of SHOUTING. 2. Please do not repost the same ad unless at least 3 days have passed...
    0.00 - 07/15/2015 - Similar Articles


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