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How do I know if I have to pay for an Ad in the Classifieds?

I am confused about whether or not I have to pay when placing an Ad in the somd.com Classifieds.  Would you provide some clarification of the rules?

Some sections require an insertion fee for any ad, e.g. Real Estate, Real Estate Rentals, Employment, Child Care, and Service Directory. You will not be able to place an ad in one of these sections without using a credit card to make payment.

The other sections are Free for personal use but require a small fee for commercial and for-profit uses. These sections operate on the HONOR SYSTEM. In order to pay for your ad, we ask that you purchase an Attention Getter for $4.95 when posting your ad. An Attention Getter is a small, typically animated graphic that appears next to the title of your ad. There is one that reads "Local Business," although you may use any one that suits your needs.

If you post an ad that requires payment but failed to do so, we will remove the ad. Repeat problems will force us to suspend your account.

Please see the complete Price List for more details.

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