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How do I report a SCAM?

1.  You can report suspected SCAMs to us by sending copies of email communications with the scammer to abuse(at)somd.com [replace "(at)" with "@"].  You must include the full email headers in order for us to analyze the problem.  Sending us reports without the headers would be a waste of your time and ours since we would not have the required information in order to take any action.

2.  You should also report the SCAMMER to his email provider.  They always use free email services such as Yahoo! Mail or HotMail.  They also like to use the services of http://email.com/ since they provide a variety of domain names, many of which are not immediately recognizable as a free email service.

To send a complaint, just forward a copy of the email with the scammer that demonstrates his intentions, along with the full email headers, to abuse@DOMAIN where DOMAIN is the domain name being used in the SCAMMER's email address.  For example, if the scammer contacted you using IMAscammer@yahoo.com, send the complaint to abuse@yahoo.com.  Be sure to include a descriptive title in your email such as, "NIGERIAN CLASSIFIEDS SCAMMER."  You should also include a sentence or 2 in the email so the email provider understands why you are making the report.

3. If you were actually defrauded and lost money, you can file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center.  However, be aware that most of the scammers operate from foreign countries and the chance of ever seeing your money again are slim to none.


As we noted above, you need to include the full email headers along with any abuse report you file.  The following resources will help you how to obtain this information from your email reader program.


If the above doesn't work for you, try the following google query:


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