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Subdomains within somd.com

somd.com has many sub-domains which support different functions of our online community. Some subdomains also have shortcuts for those who prefer to type less.

somd.com SubDomains
Subdomain Function Shortcut
www.somd.com Main Site somd.com
class.somd.com Classified Ads c.somd.com
forums.somd.com Community Forums f.somd.com
weather.somd.com Weather wx.somd.com
help.somd.com Customer Support h.somd.com
freemail.somd.com Free somd.net E-Mail
photos.somd.com Photo Gallery p.somd.com
pins.somd.com Pinboard Gallery
wiki.somd.com So. Md. Wiki w.somd.com
countytimes.somd.com County Times Newspaper ct.somd.com
somdthisisliving.somd.com So. Md. This Is Living Magazine
leonardtown.somd.com Official Site for Leonardtown, Md.
smcfair.somd.com St. Mary's County Fair
smfb.somd.com So. Md. Food Bank

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