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How can I resize a Photo so I can Upload it to the Classifieds?

We currently have a 2MB per file limit on image files that can be uploaded to your ad. If you are taking photos with your camera or smartphone using high resolution settings, the file size might easily exceed this limit. The easiest solution is to set your camera to shoot at the lowest resolution mode. Even at these settings, the image quality will be more than sufficient for an online advertisement.

Alternatively, you can use a graphics software package that can save file in different sizes and image qualities. While your computer may or may not come with any graphics software that can do this, your digital camera is often packaged with some free packages that should be able to do a resize.

If not, you can download Picasa from http://www.picasa.com/. It is free software (for Windows) and it is provided by Google. Just use the "Export Picture to Folder" option to save the image with a different size and image quality. Picasa has the added benefit of allowing you to easily crop your photos and adjust contrast and color issues, to put your product in the best light for the readers.

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