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Why can't I use my Forums account to access the Classifieds or vice versa?

It seems that I can not use a single username to access all of the features on somd.com. Will you please explain more about how this works?

We currently require three different user accounts to access all of the features.

CLASSIFIEDS ( http://class.somd.com/ ) - The classifieds requires it's own username and password.

COMMUNITY CALENDARS ( http://somd.com/calendar/ ) - The community calendars also require their own username and password independent of the other parts of somd.com. However, we have plans to integrate the calendar so that it uses the main site user account (see below).  User management for the calendar is at http://somd.com/calendar/users/.

MAIN SITE USER ACCOUNT - The main site username and password controls access to the following features:

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