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About somd.com

Everything that you need to know somd.com itself. Who built it, how is it funded, are you hiring?


  • About Virtually Everything, Inc.
    Virtually Everything, Inc. owns the Southern Maryland Online product.  We are a Maryland corporation founded in April of 1996. Our contact information is: Virtually Everything, Inc.P.O. Box 485California, MD 206191-888-612-0003 Please note that we do not have an office that is open to the public.
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  • Can I buy a somd.com T-Shirt or ball cap?
    I am Southern Maryland Proud! I would love to buy a somd.com T-Shirt or ball cap. Are they available for sale? We are offering somd.com Gear for sale through a third-party on-line service. You can find out what is currently available by looking here. Thank you for your interest and support!
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  • Do you provide Dial-up service to the Internet?
    Southern Maryland Online does not directly sell Dial-up service. Please contact one of our two partners and they will be happy to assist you. Both Ameritel and TQCI provide outstanding service in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties.
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  • Does Southern Maryland Online have a privacy statement?
    Yes we do! You can find it here (somd.com/privacy/).
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  • How is Southern Maryland Online Funded?
    How is Southern Maryland Online Funded? Are public funds used in any way? Southern Maryland Online is a product of Virtually Everything, Inc. We are funded entirely by our sponsors. We receive no public funds or assistance of any kind. Please frequent our sponsors and let them know that you saw...
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  • How long has Southern Maryland Online been on-line?
    How long has Southern Maryland Online been around? Southern Maryland Online is the Brain Child of Virtually Everything, Inc. (VEI). VEI was incorporated in the state of Maryland on April 4, 1996. Southern Maryland Online was officially launched on the same day. Our front page continuously displays...
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  • How often is Southern Maryland Online updated?
    As the premier electronic source for community and consumer information in Southern Maryland, this service is constantly being updated to reflect current events and information. Keeping all information constantly accurate for such a large area in a tremendous job. If you come upon something in...
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  • somd.com seems to set a lot of cookies
    somd.com seems to set a lot of cookies. I am concerned about my privacy. Are cookies really necessary? We share your concern about privacy on the Internet and in general. Rest assured that we do not use cookies to obtain information about you. Cookies are used in order to offer the optimal web...
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  • Subdomains within somd.com
    somd.com has many sub-domains which support different functions of our online community. Some subdomains also have shortcuts for those who prefer to type less. somd.com SubDomains Subdomain Function Shortcut www.somd.com Main Site somd.com class.somd.com Classified...
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  • Welcome to somd.com!
    Welcome to Southern Maryland Online, featuring everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about St. Mary's, Charles, and Calvert Counties in Maryland. We are pleased and proud to be able to bring you such a comprehensive, easy to use site. Whether you were born and bred in good ol'...
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  • When will my "Rate It" submission appear?
    I used the "Rate It" feature to rate a link. When will my vote appear on the page? To increase the performance of somd.com, Link Hits, Ratings and Votes are not dynamically displayed. Instead, we update the site once a day.
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  • When will my Review Appear?
    I used the "Review It" link to add a review. When will it appear on somd.com?All reader reviews must be reviewed and approved by a moderator before they are posted for public viewing. The process may take up to several days. Some reviews may be rejected based on inappropriate content. If your...
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  • Who produces Southern Maryland Online?
    Southern Maryland Online is a product of Virtually Everything, Inc. ( VEI ). Please visit our website for more information about us.
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