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Questions about how to use the Announcements.


  • Announcements Rules of the Road
    What are the rules and guidelines for using the Announcements? This is a service to allow you to post announcements of interest to the Southern Maryland community. Since this is an unmediated community forum, we need to establish a set of common rules for the greater good of all of the users....
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  • Can I change the way messages are displayed in the index?
    Can I change the way messages are displayed in an Announcement index? Do you support different index formats?Yes, there are several formats available. To select a different format, click on the "Set Preferences" link on index page of the respective section. Once at the preferences page, you can...
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  • Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my Announcements posts?
    You can't use HTML, but we do have some other tags that you can use to add formatting to your post. They are very similar to HTML: [b]Text between these two tags is bolded[/b] [i]Text between these two tags is italicized[/i] [list] starts a list just like the HTML tag [*] This creates...
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  • Can I search for particular messages in the Announcements?
    Yes, there is a search function for each Announcement section. Select the "Search" link from any Announcement Index Page. This will take you to the search page for that specific section. Once there you can search for messages one of three ways: Within a specific date range; messages...
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  • Do I have to use my real name when posting in the Announcements?
    We feel that it is appropriate to use your real name when posting information in the announcements. The announcements are intended for serious, factual information of interest to the general community. If you are uncomfortable posting your full name, consider using just your first or last name or...
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  • How do I delete a message I posted in an Announcement Section?
    First of all, you must have entered a password for the message when you posted it. If you did this, you can delete the message as follows: Open your browser and go to the appropriate announcements section. Click on the "Set Preferences" link in the menu bar. Change the "Display Style" to...
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  • How do I get off your Announcement mailing list?
    If you are receiving E-Mail from our Announcements, it will look similar to the following: The following new message has been posted in the somd.com "Volunteers Needed Announcements" at . *************************************************************************** MESSAGE: (#2)...
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  • How do I make changes to an announcement?
    Only Wedding Announcements may be changed. Announcements in other categories must be deleted and reposted. To make changes to your Wedding Announcement, use the contact form for the Announcements. If you would like to have an announcement deleted, visit this page for instructions.
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  • How Do I Submit Closing Info for my Organization?
    How do I submit closing information for my organization in the case of inclement weather or a local emergency?By E-Mail: Email your information to closings (at) somd.comBy Telephone: You can leave a message on our reader/listener line by calling 240-538-9161. You can also call toll-free by dialing...
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  • What does the Subscribe function do?
    On each Announcement Index Page there is a link called "(Un)Subscribe". What does this function do?This allows you to subscribe to the mailing list for the respective Announcement section. Once subscribed, you will receive a copy via E-Mail of EVERY announcement that is posted to the section as...
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  • Why hasn't my announcement appeared on-line?
    I posted my announcement and it has not appeared on-line. Is there a problem that I need to address? All announcements must be reviewed and approved by a moderator before it will appear on-line. We review announcements twice daily on business days (morning and evening) and once daily on...
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  • Why is there a field for my e-mail address in Announcement Post Form?
    Please note that we no longer display email addresses in the announcements. So, entering your address in the field provided will have no visible effect. If you do enter an address, it will be stored in the announcements database, but will not be displayed to the public. This was done to prevent...
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