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Important information about SCAMS people play.


  • Don’t be Fooled by Work-at-Home & Mystery Shopper Scams
    Please be aware of fraudulent work-at-home, and especially Mystery Shopper employment ads posted in the classifieds. While we will remove these as soon as our moderators discover them, some times they we may overlook one. If you suspect such an ad, please view the detailed ad page and click on...
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  • How do I report a SCAM?
    1. You can report suspected SCAMs to us by sending copies of email communications with the scammer to abuse(at)somd.com [replace "(at)" with "@"]. You must include the full email headers in order for us to analyze the problem. Sending us reports without the headers would be a waste of your time...
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  • Important Bulletin about Internet SCAMS!
    Sadly, there are scammers who target advertisers in on-line classifieds.  Even more sad is the fact that there are people who fall for the scams despite all of the warnings.One common type of scam typically boils down to them sending you a bogus check or money order for more than the purchase...
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  • Sample E-Mails from SCAMMERs
    Following are a few sample conversations from SCAMMERs. These are real emails from scammers. They will help you determine if you have also been contacted by a scammer. Hello, I saw the advert placed on your 1984 Chevrolet Silverado andwill like you to know i am interested in buying...
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  • Someone is trying to give away a baby in your classifieds
    I just saw an ad similar to this posted in the classifieds: Please HelpProvideThis Baby A Loving HomePeople think this is crazy but i will say if you have ever find yourself in a situation of life and death, you will do the same. I wish to locate my baby a new home. There is more to it than just...
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  • Someone offered to pay more than the asking price using a Cashier's Check?
    Someone responded to my Classified Ad.  They offered to send me a Cashier's Check for more than the amount I am asking.  They want me to send the difference to them via Western Union or some other money wire service.  Is this legitimate? No, not in a million years!  The Cashier's Check that you...
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