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Help using the community forums.

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All About Karma (4)
Karma is a system that allows you to give and receive feedback for posts made in the forum.
WAP/Wireless Access (1)
Using a cell phone or other wireless device and want to access the forums? We have just the thing for you. Just point your WAP-enabled device to wap.somd.com.
Forum Rules & Being Banned (2)
The rules of our civilization and what happens to the habitual offenders.
User Registration & Login Issues (6)
If you\'re having problems registering or logging in.
Premium Memberships ($) (5)
Want a bigger avatar? How about more PM storage? Become a Premium Member today and get all this PLUS access to our super secret Private Members forum.
Personal Forums ($) (9)
Get your very own personal forum for only $24.95/yr. Now you are the administrator! You have complete control over who has access to the forum. You can also moderate posts as you see fit.
User Control Panel (usercp) (3)
Everything about the options in your user control panel and how to use them.
General Usage (6)
Common questions about using the forums.
Calendar (1)
Using the Calendar in the Forums.


  • I can not remember my username and/or my password for the Forums?
    I forgot my username and/or my password for the forums. How can I find out what it is? If you can not remember your password, just visit the following link and enter the email address that you used when you registered for the forums. http://forums.somd.com/login.php?do=lostpw If you are no...
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  • The Definitive Forum Rules
    This is a service to allow you to express your opinion on any number of subjects. Since this is an unmediated community forum, we need to establish a set of common rules for the greater good of all of the users. No sexually explicit language, avatars or smilies. No pornographic material or...
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  • What is a personal forum?
    A personal forum is your own private playground, where you control who can participate. You also have administrative privileges, in that you can delete and moderate posts and whole threads in your forum. You might use your personal forum for private conversations that you don't want to put out to...
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