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User Accounts & Passwords

Help with username and password problems.


  • Can I change my Username?
    First, it is important to understand that we currently require more than one username to access the various functions within somd.com. Currently, different accounts are required for the: Classifieds, Forums, Calendar, & Free WebMail In any regards, it is not possible...
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  • How do I change my account password for the Community Calendar?
    To change your password for the Calendar, please go to the following page: http://somd.com/calendar/users/ Enter your username and password and press the "Edit Profile/Password". Follow the instructions on the resultant page to update your profile and/or change your password. If you can not...
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  • How do I create an account for the Community Calendar?
    To create a new account, click on any day. Any existing events for that day will be listed. At the bottom of the page is a button that says "Add Item." Click on this button. If you are not already logged into the calendar, you will be taken to a page where you are requested to enter a username...
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  • I am having problems logging into the Community Calendar
    The number one problem people experience when logging in is typing either the username and/or the password incorrectly. Both the username and password are CaSe-SeNsItIvE. For example, "DAVID" is not equal to "David" or "david". Another common problem is mistaking similar looking characters in the...
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  • I am not receiving email from the Classifieds
    I am not receiving any mail from the Classifieds including my password.  Note:  The classifieds send out several automated email messages to registered users including: (1) new account confirmation, (2) receipt for each new ad you place, (3) receipt for any credit card purchases you make, (4)...
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  • I can not login into the Classifieds
    I am having problems logging into to the Classifieds.  What am I doing wrong? DID YOU LOGIN AT THE CORRECT PLACE? Be sure that you are logging in at the correct place. The login page for the classifieds is: https://class.somd.com/index.php?a=10 ARE YOU USING THE CORRECT somd.com USER...
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  • I can not remember either my username or password for the Classifieds
    I can not remember either my username or password for the Classifieds.  How can I gain access to my account? If you can not remember your username or password, select the Forgot Password link on the Login page. Enter the E-Mail address assigned to your account on our system, solve the CAPTCHA...
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  • I can't remember my somd.NET E-Mail Password
    If you can not remember your password, just go to the password reset page and enter the requested information. You will need certain information that you entered when you created the account. If you can no longer remember what you specified, you will be unable to reset your password. Please note...
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  • Why can't I use my Forums account to access the Classifieds or vice versa?
    It seems that I can not use a single username to access all of the features on somd.com. Will you please explain more about how this works? We currently require three different user accounts to access all of the features. CLASSIFIEDS ( http://class.somd.com/ ) - The classifieds requires it's own...
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