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Searching somd.com

Tips and techniques for searching somd.com to find what you want.

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Searching for Community Organizations (1)
Information unique to searching for Community Organizations on somd.com.
Searching the Forums (1)
information unique to searching the somd.com Community Forums.


  • Can I search for images on somd.com?
    search.somd.com will search our multi-media gallery. However, the search engine will not find images on any other pages. If you are interested in searching for images that appear on any somd.com site, you can use Google's Image search: Enter Image Search Terms: NOTE: This form will...
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  • Does the Search Engine support boolean search functions?
    If you want more advanced results, you can use the advanced search form. To use boolean function in your search query, select "Boolean" match mode in the search form. Search understands the following boolean operators: & (logical AND) Example: police & report Search will find any pages that...
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  • How do I Search for Information?
    How can I search for information within somd.com and southern Maryland in general? The best place to start is with the somd.com Search Engine.  This is both a comprehensive search engine for all *.somd.com sites as well as other authoritative web sites about southern Maryland. The search engine...
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