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How do I Search for Information?

How can I search for information within somd.com and southern Maryland in general?

The best place to start is with the somd.com Search Engine.  This is both a comprehensive search engine for all *.somd.com sites as well as other authoritative web sites about southern Maryland.

The search engine offers many options to refine your search.  It is also tightly integrated with module-specific search engine that we have within somd.com as well as other major search sites like Google and Yahoo!

Limiting Search by Specific Categories of Information

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Using the drop down menu that is located immediately to the right of the field where you enter your search terms, you can restrict your search to specific categories of information.

Using the Links to other Search Engines

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If you are unable to find what you are looking for using our main search engine, we also provide links to module-specific search engines and other search sites.  After executing a search, you will see a list of links to these other search engines located immediately under the search parameters.  The links are already popluated with you current search terms, so all you have to do is click.  We currently provide links to:

  1. somd.com Forums
  2. somd.com Classifieds
  3. somd.com Database of Community Organizations
  4. somd.com Multimedia Gallery
  5. somd.com Wiki
  6. Amazon.com
  7. Ebay.com
  8. Google
  9. Yahoo

The somd.com module-specific search engines differ from the master search engine in that they are specific to the respective databases.  They also allow you to specify search criteria that is unique to those database.


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