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How do I submit a Press Release, Advisory, or News Tip for the Southern Maryland Headline News?
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I have a Press Release, Press Advisory, Letter to the Editor, or News Tip that is relevant to the Southern Maryland community. How do I submit the item to be considered for publication in the Headline News, The County Times, or Southern Maryland–This is Living Magazine?

Submitting to Southern Maryland Online


Southern Maryland Online ( accepts Press Releases and Advisories from any legitimate organization, that has information relevant to the Southern Maryland area (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's Counties), such as:

  • Local, State or Federal government agencies;
  • Politicians and Political Organizations
  • Public or Private schools;
  • Community and Civic organizations;
  • Businesses and corporations.
Please e-mail your news article to news (at) We will accept Text, HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word. Photographs or images can be submitted in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format. Please include contact information for your organization.

For more information about working with our news department, please contact us using our Feedback Form or e-mail us at news (at)

Please note that information about future public events is best posted on our Community Calendar. The calendar is completely self-service. You can post and edit your own information and obtain instant results. We do not typically post information about upcoming public events in the Headline News unless it is a very significant event. We also have Public Service Announcements that are completely self-service.


If you have a lead or a tip about a story in the area, you can contact us in one of several ways:

  • E-Mail us at news (at)
  • Call us toll-free at 1-888-612-0003 and select option 11 for the Editor.
  • To contact us on-line and remain anonymous, you can use this on-line TIP FORM. You do not need to complete the contact information in order to submit the form.
When contacting us, please be as specific as possible. The more information you provide, the better the chance that we will cover the story. If you would like to make yourself available to our reporters, please be sure to provide your contact information.


For information on how to submit a Letter to the Editor, please see this article.

Submitting to The County Times Newspaper

Southern Maryland Online currently partners with The County Times newspaper to provide their content online. The paper serves only the St. Mary's County, Maryland area and publishes weekly on Thursdays. You can submit Press Releases, Press Advisories, and Letters to the Editor by addressing an e-mail to the Managing Editor: news (at) They can also be reached by phone on 301-373-4125.

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