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How can we publicize our charity or non-profit event on Southern Maryland Online?
Last Updated 5 years ago

My organization is sponsoring a charity or non-profit event. Can we publicize the event on Southern Maryland Online?

Anyone can publish their charity and non-profit events by using our automated Community Calendar. Simply register for an account and post as many events as you desire.

For more help getting started with the Calendar, please see the Calendar's Knowledge Base.

If your events are not time specific, i.e. membership or fund raising drives, please use the Public Service Announcements (PSA). The PSAs are also more flexible than the calendar in that you can attach multiple files to your announcement, such as images and PDF files.

Please note that the PSAs is part of our Community Forums. It requires a different user account from the Calendar. However, it is easy to register using one of your existing Social Media accounts.

For more help Getting Stated with the Forums, please see the Forums Knowledge Base.

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