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How Do I Submit a Letter to the Editor?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Criteria for having a Letter to the Editor published.

  1. The topic must be significant and directly relevant to the tri-county area, i.e. we can not entertain letters that deal with national or international issues that are not specific to southern Maryland.
  2. The person or organization submitting the letter must have standing (be a key player) in the issue being discussed.
  3. If you do not meet both of the criteria above, please consider submitting your topic to the Community Forums. You can register for an account here if you do not already have one. Please note that new accounts require moderator approval before you can post (this is required to thwart organized spammers). If you are responding to a specific news article that we published in our Headline News, you can also respond by posting a reader comment in the section immediately below the respective article.
To submit a Letter to the Editor, please send it via email to news [at]

  1. Please be sure to include "LETTER TO THE EDITOR" in the subject line.
  2. Include your Name, City, and phone number in the body.
  3. We will only use the phone number to call you to confirm your identity if required. It will not be published.
  4. Your name and city will be published. You can elect to publish your first initial in lieu of you entire first name, e.g. T. Smith.
  5. Letters will be published as received without spelling or grammar corrections. So, be sure to check it with your word processor before submission to avoid any embarrassment.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any letters which we deem inappropriate.
  7. You must disclose any affiliation with groups or organizations directly involved with the topic at hand, especially political affiliations where applicable.
  8. Letters to the Editor are currently published in our Headline News section. The title will be prefixed with "LETTER:" to properly identify the content.
If you would prefer to post your opinion without disclosing your identity, please use our Community Forums. Please note that the forums are a completely interactive environment and any registered member is free to comment on your post(s).

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