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How can I find my current/active Classified Ads?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There are two ways to find current Classified Ads that were posted from your account:

Use the My Active Listings function

  1. Login to your account if you are not currently logged in.
  2. Go to the My Account page. (This is the page where you land after a successful login)
  3. Click on the My Active Listings link. (To see archived ads, click on the My Expired Listings link instead)
  4. Any active/current listing will now appear in a table. Click on the ad's title to view the detailed page of the listing. To edit, expire, upgrade, or renew any ad, click on the Manage This Listing button next to the respective ad, and then click on one of the icons to performed the desire function (mouse over each icon for a text explanation of the function)
Use the Seller's Other Listings function

  1. If you can navigate to the detailed page view for one of your ads, you will find a link in the Seller Info block that reads Seller's Other Listings. Click on this link to see all other active ads for that user.
  2. Note: The advertiser may have selected an option to hide the Seller's Other Listings link in one or more of their ads.

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