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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Having problems posting new ad; form doesn't seem to be working properly  
  2. How do I change my Classified's Password?  
  3. Why is there a SOLD indicator on my ad?  
  4. *Getting Started with the Classifieds  
  5. Can I change my Classifieds username?  
  6. Can I get a copy of someone else's Classified Ad that no longer appears online?  
  7. Do I have to use my real name when registering for a Classified's account?  
  8. Don’t be Fooled by Work-at-Home & Mystery Shopper Scams  
  9. How can I find my current/active Classified Ads?  
  10. How Do Featured Listings Work?  
  11. How do I delete my account for the Classifieds  
  12. How do I Delete My Classified Ad?  
  13. How do I EDIT / CHANGE my Ad?  
  14. How Do I get my Real Estate ad to appear on the front page of  
  15. How do I move an Ad from one Classifieds category to another?  
  16. How Do I renew my classified ad?  
  17. I am not receiving E-Mail from your Classified's site  
  18. I can not login into the Classifieds  
  19. I can not remember either my username or password for the Classifieds  
  20. I contacted an advertiser using the online form, but never got a response  
  21. I Feel I Was Cheated by Someone Selling Firewood  
  22. PHOTOS: How do I add a photo to an Ad that has already been posted  
  23. PHOTOS: I just replaced/rotated a photo I am still seeing the old one  
  24. Someone offered to pay more than the asking price using a Cashier's Check and wants me to ship the item  
  25. Which Credit Cards and other forms of payment do you accept in the Classifieds?  
  26. Why is my Priority Ad not showing up at the top of the page?  

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