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How Do I get my Real Estate ad to appear on the front page of
Last Updated 5 years ago

I see that you list some Real Estate ads on the front page of How do I get my ad to show up there?

We currently display several Real Estate and Real Estate Rental ads on our front page. This is an unadvertised bonus for our classifieds users and we do not promise or guarantee that your ad will ever show up on the front page.

In general, the most recently placed ads will appear on the front page. There is currently no other criteria.

You can guarantee your ad is featured on the front page of by purchasing a paid Featured Article on a weekly ($150/wk) or monthly ($500/mo) basis. You can find out more at

As a courtesy, we will typically also post your article in our Forums and Social Media pages.

Orders for this service must be handled manually by one of our sales reps (888-612-0003 x1).

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