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I contacted an advertiser using the online form, but never got a response
Last Updated 5 years ago

There can be any number of reasons why an advertiser never responded to you:

  1. They simply do not want to respond
  2. They did respond, but the email you provided is not valid.
  3. They did respond, but the message was trapped as SPAM somewhere along the line.
  4. They provided an invalid email in their ad and your message never reached them.
  5. The email from our system to the advertiser was trapped as SPAM somewhere along the line.

For the reasons listed above, we recommend using the online contact form as the lowest priority method to contact an advertiser. Instead, call or text if they provided a phone number, or if they revealed their email address right in the ad, email them directly. Then, if there is a problem making a delivery to the address specified, you will get a bounceback email letting you know that there was a problem.

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