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PHOTOS: I just replaced/rotated a photo I am still seeing the old one
Last Updated 5 years ago

This typically happens when you rotate a photograph and then use the Preview button to look at the ad before saving it. This is caused by your browser caching the original version of the image. Typically, you will have to go into your browser settings and clear the cache file, then reload the classifieds page.

Whatever state you left the image in after pressing the Rotate icon in the image thumbnail is how the actually appears to the rest of the world. So, if it was upside down and you pressed the rotate icon twice, it would now be right side up.

Worst case, you can use a different browser or computer to look at the ad to see if the photos are rotated properly.

If you continue to have problems, please open a support ticket, or send an email to support -at- and our staff will look at the ad and make any necessary adjustments. Please be sure to write using the same email address we have on file for your account and include the Listing Number for the ad.

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