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Someone offered to pay more than the asking price using a Cashier's Check and wants me to ship the item
Last Updated 3 years ago

Someone responded to my Classified Ad. They offered to send me a Cashier's Check for more than the amount I am asking. They want me to send the difference to them via Western Union or some other money wire service. Is this legitimate?

No, not in a million years! The Cashier's Check that you receive will turn out to be bogus. By the time the bank calls you to tell you of the problem, you will have already wired the other funds to the scammer. Now you will owe the bank for the amount of the bounced check plus fees, you will be out the amount you wired to the scammer, and you will be out the value of whatever you shipped to the scammer plus the shipping costs. The scammers are most likely operating outside of the USA in some third-world country. Your chances of getting your money back are slim to none, at best.

  • If it makes no sense, then it can't be for real. Be sure to use common sense when conducting any business transaction, especially with people you don't know.
  • No legitimate buyer is going to send you a Cashier's Check in the mail for an amount more than you are asking and request you wire back the difference!
  • No legitimate buyer is going to shop in local classifieds for common items and ask you to ship them to another country.
  • If you are contacted by someone offering to do something like this, immediately discontinue conversations.
  • If business can not be conducted face-to-face, avoid it!

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