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I am not receiving E-Mail from your Classified's site
Last Updated 2 years ago

Due to the nature of an email sent from an eCommerce system, some email providers may assume it is SPAM and put it in the Spam folder. Some systems call this Bulk Mail. Try looking in those folders. If you find our email there, see if you can identify the sender as a valid/trusted sender.

If your company is hosting their corporate email domain on a third party system (Google, Microsoft, etc.), we are aware of the following providers who routinely block our email.

  • Microsoft's

How can I resolve this issue if I am using one of the above services?

  • Contact their support and tell them they are blocking legitimate email and ask how to whitelist our address (classifieds @
  • Move to a provider who doesn't block legitimate email. Google and ProtonMail are good in this respect, in our opinion.
  • Change your registered email on our system to a personal address with a provider who doesn't block legitimate email. We have had good luck with You can contact our support team if you need help.

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